Debbie  Saklofske: Lead Vocals, Vocal Arranger/Maestro

Debbie has always had a passion for music. In high school she joined her first band which took her on the road for a couple of years. Debbie then took a position with a national retail chain and it was during this time she was involved in Calgary's first singing telegram company. Debbie later took on a role with a major record label where she was employed for many years as a promo/sales rep for southern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

She has performed jingles and sung on numerous projects in the studio with other artists. Debbie has played in many bands over the years and is happy to say that she is one of the original founding members of Wildcard.

Jeff Stillie: Bass

Jeff has been playing bass since he was 12 years old playing the Toronto bar scene as a teenager. He then pursued a career in the record business helping A list artists achieve their dreams and goals. He is a successful songwriter who has had some airplay and has even written a song that appears on a Fred Penner album. Now that's eclectic!

Gary Giesbrecht: Drums, Vocals

Gary has been a drummer since his early 20's. He started his musical career playing the Cabarets  in Calgary. He would often freelance for many groups and jams and eventually Gary had the opportunity to be the opening act for groups Prism and Emerson Drive. Gary is proud to be one of the original members of Wildcard.

David Severson: Lead Guitar, Vocals

David started playing the guitar at the age of 13 and never looked back. At an early age he started to play in many cover bands throughout Calgary and now is the lead guitar player for Wildcard. David is a graduate of the Mount Royal Jazz Program and has also been a specialty extra in film and T.V.  He owns  Time Music Studios  in Calgary and continues to teach guitar to the next generation of talented students. He is also is involved with  K.O.R.E. (Kids Original Rock Experience). David was an integral part of the recording,engineering and guitar playing on their self titled album that released in late 2012.